Survivor: Caramoan S:26 | Cut off the Head of the Snake E:9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Caramoan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host Jerri Manthey breaks down the “Cut off the Head of the Snake” episode in which, after Sherri’s show of loyalty to the Stealth R Us alliance at the last Tribal Council, Phillip declared her a member of the alliance. The Reward Challenge was won by the team of Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Michael, and Reynold who defeated Andrea, Brenda, Dawn, Malcolm, and Phillip. Sherri was not picked during the school yard pick and sat out the challenge. While on their reward, Eddie, Michael, and Reynold pitched to Cochran an all guy alliance, but that did not appeal to Cochran as he didn’t want to join in an alliance with the Fans. While the others were on their reward, Malcolm approached Sherri and Dawn about splitting off from the Stealth R Us alliance and taking control of the game. However, the two women reported Malcolm’s try to make a big move to Andrea and Phillip. Seeking to punish Malcolm for his disloyalty, the core alliance told Malcolm that the Stealth R Us alliance would be splitting the vote between Eddie and Reynold when in reality they would be voting for Malcolm. While on a trip to a lagoon, Eddie tried to get Andrea on his side and to vote with him. At the Immunity Challenge, Brenda outlasted Andrea to take Individual Immunity. Back at camp, Malcolm started a plan to target Andrea. Keeping up the fake split vote ploy, Dawn told Malcolm that she would vote with him if Reynold showed her the Hidden Immunity Idol. Reynold did, but then also threatened her that if he felt she wouldn’t vote with them that he would play the Idol. This did not go over well with Dawn. Eddie told Andrea that her name was being discussed to be voted out. This caused Andrea to panic and she ran to her core alliance to beg them to change their voting plan. She wanted them to abandon the vote against Malcolm and instead vote for Michael as the safe vote. At Tribal Council, Phillip announced that Sherri was part of the Stealth R Us alliance and also said that anybody who is disloyal to the alliance would get voted out. After the votes were cast, Jeff asked if anybody wanted to play a Hidden Immunity Idol. Reynold stood up to play his Idol, but Malcolm told him to hold up, and persuaded Reynold that after Phillip’s speech about being disloyal, it was obvious the alliance had voted for Malcolm and that Reynold should give Malcolm the Idol. Reynold tossed the Idol over and Malcolm played it. But when the votes were read, the Idol went for naught as the alliance ceded to Andrea’s wishes and sent Michael to be the first member of the Jury, by a vote of 7–3–1. It’s Survivor: Caramoan’s “Cut off the Head of the Snake” podcast!

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