Supernatural’s’ Jensen Ackles Is Keeping His Iconic Prop “Baby”

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is bittersweet about the conclusion to the hit CW series, but he will be bringing home a piece of the set that is very near and dear to his, and Dean Winchester’s heart.

One of the most well known parts of the Supernatural series, is Dean Winchester’s iconic 1967 black Impala that the brothers drive everywhere. The classic car has become a bit of a mascot for the series and is something Ackles has been eyeing for a very long time.

Ackles sat down with Digital Spy and revealed that with filming wrapping up in Vancouver and the series concluding, “Baby” has a new home in Texas.

Ackles told Digital Spy that he is definitely not stealing the impala and got permission to take it.

“As far as taking something on the final day, I will definitely be taking something… but it’s okay, I’m not stealing it. I got permission.”

Taking back the Impala has been something Ackles has been begging the creators to let him do for years now, so Ackles is very excited. Saying,

“I begged and begged and pleaded for years, but I finally got it this year. They’re going to let me drive home the Impala.”

The Impala is a major character in the series that fans are just as obsessed with. Almost as much as Dean Winchester is! Seeing Jensen Ackles so excited to get to take home the iconic car makes my Supernatural heart happy.

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