‘Succession’ Characters From Least To Most Evil!

Succession is known for having unsavory characters, but who among them is the worst?


The time has finally come! The fourth and final season of Succession premiers this Sunday on HBO. While the show has always been full of business intrigue and complex plots, what really keeps us coming back every week is the loveable/hatable characters. While we love many of the characters, none of them are good people. They are all selfish monsters and backstabbers, but who is the evilest? Before we say goodbye to the Roys, let’s rank all eight main characters from least to most evil.

8. Connor


While Connor is often aloof or accidentally cruel, he is rarely ever malicious. His run for president comes from a place of naivety instead of a need for power. He is also one of the few characters who can express actual emotion instead of just casually hurting the ones he loves. While he’s the least likely to end the show with any real power, he’s also the least likely to betray any members of his family.

7. Kendall


Okay, yes, Kendall did technically kill someone at the end of season one, but to his credit, he feels really bad about it. In fact, it is Kendall’s regret and empathy that gets him this low on the list. While he is capable of terrible things, he doesn’t do them willingly and wants to take the steps to become a better person (he hasn’t taken those steps, but at least he’s considering it).

6. Tom


Up until the end of season three, most of Tom’s maliciousness was aimed squarely at Cousin Greg. Tom often unloads his pain and hatred onto Greg in a somewhat flirtatious way. However, at the end of last season, we saw some of Tom’s true colors as he ratted out the siblings and aligned himself with Logan. In his defense, this was after an entire season of Shiv being completely cruel to him. While we may be getting a darker Tom in season four, that doesn’t change the fact that he was one of the few characters who showed kindness to others in his own awkward way.

5. Gerri


While Gerri isn’t a member of the Roy family, she is an important part of the company and one of the few characters who feel like they have a good chance of taking over for Logan. Gerri has made it this far because of her ability to step over people and get what she wants. While she may not be as cruel as some of the Roys, she is always looking after herself. This was seen at the end of last season when she showed no compassion to Roman as he begged her to help. As with Tom, it’s arguable that the siblings deserved this treatment, but either way, we have now seen Gerri’s dark side, and we expect to see even more this coming season.

4. Roman


Roman is known for his dry wit and hurtful remarks, and… yes, he is quite hurtful. While we are sometimes offered a glimpse at his more sensitive side, he often masks that with sarcasm. In the first episode, we see how he derives entertainment from others suffering when he mocks the child of some working-class people. His sardonic behavior clearly comes from a place of trauma and hurt, but his behavior goes beyond excusable. Despite all of this, he still remains an immensely watchable character and in many ways, lovable.

3. Shiv


Shiv is maybe the smartest of all the siblings, but her cleverness also leads to her cruelty. Like her brothers, much of Shiv’s behavior can be traced to her own trauma and demons; however, she is often much more successful at screwing people over than her two brothers. What really earns her the third spot is the way she treats her husband, Tom. From telling him she wants an open relationship on their wedding night to barely caring when he was going to jail, she has been constantly awful to him. Seeing how this plays out now that he’s fighting back will be interesting.

2. Greg


This is probably the most shocking placement on this list, as Greg started the show as “the innocent” and one of the few relatable characters. However, as the show progressed and we learned more about every character, Greg revealed himself as one of the evilest characters. Unlike most of the others, Greg was not born into the WayStar world and could have done anything with his life, but now he is suing Greenpeace and hanging out with some of the worst people on the planet. Greg is needy, manipulative, and without morals, and his rise to power is only exposing these flaws.

1. Logan


Who else could it have been? Logan is the source of almost all the drama and pain on Succession, and his manipulative ways have no bonds. What makes Logan all the eviler is that he is often proven right. His cruelty has never come back to haunt him, and he just keeps on winning despite hurting everyone around him.

Season Four will no doubt change how we feel about some of these characters, so we’ll just have to tune in this Sunday, March 26, on HBO and HBOmax to find out!

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