Stroke Their Egos (And Their Genius) – S17 E3 ‘Top Chef’ Recap & Review

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Top Chef has always been in a cooking show staple, and we’ve got you covered week after week. Each week, on the TOP CHEF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts is here the incredible recipes, fierce competitors, and delicious concoctions. From flan to flame-grilled burgers, we’re covering everything, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

After a fried rice cookoff that involved hot Cheetos, whisky, candy, sad watermelon, and frog legs 3 ways – our chefs classed it up by creating dishes inspired by famous types of old timey art at the Getty Museum – and the only thing Baroque was the judges minds after tasting some of their masterpieces – and the loser’s heart after some juiceless fowl play.
Join married couple – and mozzarella sticks enthusiasts – Anne and Dave Gordon as we break down which of the dishes we would Nom, which we would Not, and why all chicken (and some beef) deserve that sweet, sweet jus.

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