‘Stranger Things’ season 5 fan predictions!

The last season of Stranger Things will be coming out either late this year or next and fans are already making predictions for what’s to come!

Season 5 is predicted to come out either late in 2023 or, more likely, in 2024, but everyone is anxiously waiting because it is the final season! What’s the best thing to do while you are waiting? Make conspiracies about what will happen, of course!

The writers gave an exciting teaser on Twitter for the upcoming season!

Some fans think Will will gain control of the Upside Down. Will and the Mind Flayer have been connected from the start, so fans have a theory that Will can control it. This control can be used to their advantage to beat Vecna.

This leads fans to think he might be killed because of this strong connection to the Upside Down and the belief that they will never be safe due to it. Another possibility is that Vecna takes control over him in a similar way to what happened to Billy.

Some fans have a feeling Dustin will be sacrificed and will not survive this season.

If Dustin is not taken, Steve is highly predicted to be killed, as he is a fan favorite and has been with us since the beginning.
The writers announced that the first episode will be called “Chapter One: The Crawl.” One theory is that this means they will be trapped in a maze type environment and fight monsters from the Upside Down.

Fans believe this title could also hint at Demogorgons living in the streets of the real world. “The Crawl” could relate to their journey in attacking people and destroying the city.

Another theory is that Eddie will be “crawling” out of the ground because fans believe he is still alive.

Fans have been taking closer looks at Eleven’s outfits. They think they are hinting that she will fly. This would be an iconic return back to using her powers by expanding her capabilities.

There is a lot to consider from this fan’s predictions that would have huge impact on the plot for the final season.

Regardless of what happens, this final season sounds like it will leave with an iconic ending to the series!

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