‘Stranger Things’: Fan Predictions For Season 4 Volume 2

July 1st is getting closer, and we are anxious to see what will happen in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2. Here are some of the best fan predictions so far!

“Hey siri, play “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.”

Ever since Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 was released, fans have been going crazy waiting for the second volume. In all fairness, how could Netflix leave us with that ending? The anticipation of waiting until July 1st, 2022 is eating away at fans, but also has created an opportunity for them to make theories of what will happen in volume 2!

While some predictions are good, and others may break your heart, most of them will get you hyped for volume 2– let’s see what they are.

Steve Will Die

Let’s just rip off the bandaid and start with this shocking fan prediction. Trust us, we don’t want this to happen either. This theory has been common throughout the internet and here’s why fans believe it may be true:

Even the directors of Stranger Things admitted to fans that Steve was supposed to die in season 1.

Obviously fans will be devastated if Steve does in fact die in Volume 2, but let’s not forget about Dustin and how he will be crushed as well.

Will is Evil

Everyone loves Will Byers, even more after the directors of Stranger Things forgot to include a celebration of his birthday. But, after volume 1 was released, fans predict that Will is going to become evil in volume 2 and here’s why:

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Joyce, Hopper, and…Marriage?

Now this is what fans would love to see happen in volume 2! We’ve all shipped Joyce and Hopper since the very first season. Even if they don’t get married, fans would love to see an on screen kiss between the two.

Murray to the Rescue?

Fans predict that all four groups will reunite in the Upside Down for a one last battle against Vecna. But when hope seems gone, Murray comes in like a knight and kills Vecna with his karate skills!

Eddie Will Die

Now if Eddie dies in volume 2, fans may have to stop watching. From the moment we were introduced to Eddie, we fell in love. But fans believe that our favorite newcomer will end up sacrificing himself in order to save Nancy. There is also a clip of Eddie playing his electric guitar in the Upside Down, so fans are convinced that’s when he dies. Let’s just hope it’s not true!

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Mrs. Kelly is Working with Vecna

Many fans swear by this theory. In volume 1, fans noticed that Mrs. Kelly was wearing a key shaped necklace that has a clock pendant. Now, fans know that the grandfather clock is connected to Vecna and his victims, so, is Mrs. Kelly evil? Is she working for Vecna? Guess we have to wait to see when volume 2 comes out!

Do you have any more predictions of what will happen in volume 2 of Stranger Things? Share them with us on our twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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