Station 19 S3 E16 Recap & After Show: Bombs and Moms surprise the Station 19 crew

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The crew unwinds with a house party at Deans house but the fun quickly ends when they’re called to report to a 5-alarm fire at PAC North hospital. After discovering a bomb on site, Dean drops a bomb on Vic and tells her it’s time to move out. Maya’s father shows up to the station unannounced and his abusive nature rears its ugly heard, forcing Maya to finally realize that Carina was right. Emmett reveals that he’s in love with Travis but unfortunately, Travis says the feelings aren’t mutual. Jack visits Marcus and Marsha but there could be more than a friendship brewing between he and Inara. Dixon gets arrested and Ben celebrates with his firehouse family.  Andy is still searching for answers about her parents marriage, which prevents her from supporting Sullivan during his surgery. After finally getting a call from her aunt, Andy meets her mother face to face.

This After Show Was Hosted By: Linda Antwi (@lindaissogirlie) & Tsahai M. Wilson (@SayHiTsahai)

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