StarGirl S1 E7 Recap & After Show: “Taking Care of Business” w/ Special Guest Neil Jackson!

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Courney Whitmore’s life changes after discovering not only her stepfather’s old life as a superhero, but also a source of immense power in the form of a staff. Join us on the STARGIRL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow Courtney’s acts of inspiration for future heroes. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.  

On this weeks RECAP:  DC’s STARGIRL – SEASON 1 – EPISODE 7 – SHIV PART 1 – Courtney needs to be part of the team, Cindy is so mean, and Barbara goes on a business trip.
We begin the episode in the hospital where Henry is still grieving over the injury of his father Brainwave.  Cindy comes to visit her boyfriend but really wants to plan for homecoming.  Henry is in no homecoming mood as he is gloom patrol because of his father.  Cindy feigns sympathy, however if she even has a heart it is not there.
The team walks into school with a new found confidence and zest.  As they hero walk in the halls, Cindy bumps into them and calls them all losers.  Cindy then bumps into the janitor and knocks his mop down.  Why is Cindy so mean, Courtney asks.  Most of the team responds she has always been, Beth points out she changed in elementary school when her mother died, and now has a second step mother. The ever empathetic savior, Courtney helps the janitor with his mop and decides to reach out and be friends with Cindy.  Before parting ways, the team enthusiastically decides to meet up for practice later.
Courtney first attempts to be friends with Cindy during Chemistry class.  Courtney partners up with a reluctant Cindy.  Cindy is a whiz at chemistry, which she attributes to her father the chemist who has a possible sadistic side.  Cindy, who has been negging the upcoming Homecoming dance since Henry does not want to go, asks Courtney to hang out the night of, instead.  Courtney, who has no plans, agrees.
Henry is not only grieving the injuries of his father but also the pains of his own blossoming mental powers.  He is hearing other people’s thoughts and is having a hard time filtering them, though he does use them to cheat on his math test.
At work Barbara is asked by her new boss Icicle to go on a business trip.  The trip seems ominous at best.
The team meets up for practice after school.  Pat has an instructional prepared and practice set up.  Courtney tries to jump ahead and constantly cuts off Pat.  Courtney then goes to show off and takes down all the set up.  Pat explains this wasnt just for her but the team.  The team is disappointed and Courtney’s actions show her lack of team work.
Cindy goes home after school and has an encounter with her Stepford Wife stepmother who is clearly afraid of the consequences of not listening to Cindy.  Cindy threatens her stepmother to bring her wine and cheese despite clearly being underage.  Cindy then goes to see her father, unannounced using the key code for a secret layer.  Her father, the Doctor of the Injustice Society is not at the table as Cindy eaves drops on the meeting overhearing some of the plan to take out Stargirl.  The Doctor/Dragon King catches Cindy and confronts her.  Cindy is clearly aware of her father’s role in the IJS and wants in.  She throws a tantrum and kills a minion with no regard.  Cindy has knives that come out of her skin, giving us the first hint she is superhuman.  Her father is dismissive and calls her his best experiment, showing no actual love for Cindy.
Cameron goes home and sees his father, Icicle.  Icicle, the villain yet amazing father, senses something is wrong and asks.  Cameron discusses being too shy to ask Courtney out to Homecoming.  Icicle, unaware Courtney is Stargirl, recounts a romantic story between himself and Cameron’s mom, how she had been waiting for him to ask her out.  This encouragement is advice for Cameron to just ask out Courtney.
Courtney, Pat, and Mike attend the Homecoming football game.  Courtney is paying attention to Principle Bowmen, who she suspects of being the Fiddler.  Mike is jealous of the attention Pat seems to give Courtney and vice versa.  He has also noticed they have been acting suspicious lately.  While Pat is getting concessions, Cameron musters the confidence to ask Courtney to the Homecoming Dance.  Courtney says yes, expressing she was supposed to hang out with Cindy.  She then tries to ask Cindy to hang out another day.  Cindy, feeling rejected, pushes Courtney away and says never again.
Courtney then follows Principle Bowmen to her office.  Principle Bowmen goes through a secret door.  Courtney suits up and follows.  Meanwhile Cindy has gone to her father’s lair but has no access.  When she sees an intruder she suits up in her father’s suit as well.  As Courtney is looking for Principle Bowmen she is attacked by Cindy in costume, but her face revealed.  The two fight.  Cindy reveals a super healing power when Courtney inadvertently burns her face with the staff.  Cindy gets the better of Courtney until The Janitor comes to her aid with a powerful sword.  The staff goes and finds Pat and brings him to the injured Courtney which sends Cindy away.  The Janitor int he background recognizes Pat.
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