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Courney Whitmore’s life changes after discovering not only her stepfather’s old life as a superhero, but also a source of immense power in the form of a staff. Join us on the STARGIRL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow Courtney’s acts of inspiration for future heroes. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.  

Episode 3
We learn more about Jordan Mankent aka Icicle, the leader of the Injustice Society.
The episodes begins with a flashback from 8 years ago as we see Icicle’s wife dying.  On her deathbed makes him vow to continue with the nefarious unknown plan, with the words “if anyone tries to stop you, destroy them.”
On to Blue Valley modern day, Courtney is excited about her role as Star Girl and her victory over Brainwave with big plans on going after the rest of the Injustice Society.  Pat is not as enthusiastic and tries to convince her to be cautious, get more practice, and not continue.
At school Joey, The Wizard’s son, does a card trick for Courtney which he gets wrong however Courtney plays along and pretends he gets the card right.  Courtney also almost gets into a fight over a girl who is getting bullied.  She learns that Cameron was the one who removed the graffitti.  There seems to a spark of interest at his action, which may cause big problems as later it is revealed Cameron is revealed to be Icicle’s son.
Meanwhile, Jordan Mankent has gone to the hospital and meets up with The Wizard to discuss Brainwave’s plan.  Icicle expresses how Brainwave was never a team player and that he himself will deal with Star Girl.  Icicle goes to unbeknownst home of Project New America, The American Dream office and meets Barabara who works there, discovering she is Courtney’s mother.
Courtney leaves school and sees a star shape frozen on the field, a message from Icicle to Courtney.  Courtney and Pat figure out a plan and go after Icicle.  Icicle freezes Pat after taking a hit and makes a bus go off the bridge.  Pat frees himself in time to save the bus, Joey is caught in the crossfire as he is hit by a car.  This ends the fight but later The Wizard, Joey’s father goes after Icicle.  Icicle freezes The Wizard causing the death of both leaving only the mother, Denise who is overcome with grief.
Courtney hears about the rest of the team and decides to recruit a team for herself as well.  Cameron goes home where we see he is Icicle’s son.
Episode 4
We start off with a flashback, this time 4 months ago, where a contrasted happy Yolanda is sending a sexy picture to her boyfriend.  The boyfriend turns out to be Harry, and he sends this picture to everyone in school, causing everyone to turn on Yolanda, including her family who is disappointed in her and treats her poorly afterwards, giving us a backstory on why Yolanda is so distant and bullied.
Courtney, takes the Justice Society items she has as she tries to figure out the best way to recruit a team.  Pat and Courtney are not on the best of term following the Joey incident.  Courtney closes herself off to Pat but decides to open up to Yolanda at school.  Courtney tells Yolanda she was the one who blew up Henry’s car.  Yolanda is reluctant at first but then tries on the Wildcat suit.  The suit does not fit until Yolanda puts the helmet on and then the suit reshapes to her bodies configurations.
Icicle still on his nefarious plan path goes down to the basement of Injustice Society and lets the doctor know the plan is still on.  The doctor is instructed to build a machine for Project New America and offers The Wizard’s body to do testing on.
Courtney and Yolanda decide to determine if Injustice Society is near Brainwave at the hospital.  Using their powers, Yolanda climbs up buildings and Courtney uses the staff they get to the hospital and see the school Principal Bowen arriving to play the violin for Brainwave.  Realizing something is strange they head up, however unbeknownst to them Beth overhears them and sees them go, realizing there is something more.  Yolanda decides not to do more.  She goes home instead to confront her family on the trauma over their treatment of her.  They do not listen.  This prompts Yolanda to don the mission of Wildcat.
Meanwhile Denise, The Wizard’s wife, decides to leave town.  She meets up with Pat to let him know there is something diabolical and more going on in the town.  Later when Pat goes to the scrapyard for parts, he sees Denise’s black cat.  Further investigation leads to seeing her car destroyed with no traces of her.
Episode 5
Beginning with another flashback, this time 8 years ago, to when Rick’s parents have him stay with his “Uncle Matt”.  They give them $50,000 and change his name.  On the road out of town Solomon Grundy attacks and kills Rick’s parents.
In the modern day Rick is still with “Uncle Matt” however their relationship is not so good.  Uncle Matt is bitter at having Rick and treats him as such.  Simultaneously Courntey is also waking up to go to school.  Pat shows her a newspaper that makes them question if all the members of the Injustice Society are in Blue Valley.  Courntey takes an hourglass with her to school.
At school, Courtney and Yolanda discuss their plans for the Injustice Society as Beth eavesdrops again.  Pat picks Courtney up from school.  Their car breaks down, but Rick is there to help.  Rick brings up a yellow 1966 Mustang and Pat realizes he may be related to the Justice Society.  The hourglass Courtney has with her starts flashing towards Rick.
Beth goes to Courtney’s house to investigate further.  Courtney’s dog has gotten into her stuff and has a pair of goggles, she hands to Beth.  Beth puts them on and immediately hears the voice of Dr. Charles McNilder, the original Dr. Midnite.  Courtney ends up home surprised by Beth.  Beth continues to try to help.  Pat goes to Rick’s home, and is met by a very stand offish Matt.
That night they go to a Halloween Party.  Yolanda is not happy with Beth’s inclusion.  They find Rick who they were looking for.  They corner him in the garden and tell Rick about Hourman, Hourman’s powers, his connection, and his legacy.  Rick is not interested in joining the team but does keep the Hourglass.  Yolanda and Courtney get Rick to open up about his parents and their death, which he does but is still not interested in joining the team.  Beth convinces Rick to be a part of the team by expressing he could extract revenge.
Principal Bowen is confirmed to be The Fiddler, as he plays his violin to take control over a couple of truckers with the doctor.
Episode 6
On this episode RECAP:  DC’s STARGIRL – SEASON 1 – EPISODE 6 – Justice Society of America – Courtney has recruited a new Justice Society with the kids in her highschool and Pat is not happy.
Two characters begin the episode by killing the coach.  Clearly they are members of the Injustice Society.  Icicle gives them their power suits.
Courtney goes out at night as Stargirl. Pat finds out about the items taken from the Justice Society and learns about Courtney’s new team.  Pat is not happy and tries to explain to Courtney how dangerous this is.  He pleads with her to get the items back from the other kids.
Pat goes to Rick’s to get the hourglass back.  Courtney decides to speak to Yolanda and Beth for their artifacts back as well.  Yolanda and Beth refuse and simply walk away.  Rick does the same thing to Pat.  Courtney tries to speak to her friends after school as well.  Rick shows up and tries to express they do not need Pat.  Courtney sticks up for Pat but reluctantly agrees to go on their investigation further into the Injustice Society, against Pat’s wishes.
Icicle sends The Gambler to prepare the two people from the beginning of the show who turn out to be Sportsmaster and Tigress.  The Gambler then goes on his own mission for the plan.
When Pat gets home he realizes Courtney is out with the team.  He goes in search of them as the new team in their new suits go into a building.  Tigress and Sportsmasters are also in the same building and a huge fight breaks out.  Great fight screen leads to Tigress and Sportsmaster retreating upon Pat’s arrival and helping out.
Icicle is happy about new missile codes The Gambler was able to retrieve.  Now they need Brainwave.  They also determine to find out who the new Justice Society members are.
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