Star of Skating Drama Spinning Out Shares How Show Tackles Difficult Themes

Mitchell Edwards, who plays Marcus Holmes in the new Netflix show Spinning Out, shared his take on the characters battling with mental illness.

Edwards was a guest on AfterBuzz TV’s Spinning Out after show on Wednesday’s Episode 3, “Proceed with Caution” and Episode 4 “Keeping Pinecrest Wild”. Joined by hosts McKenzie Fayne, Ebone Chatman, Lauren Mayo, and me, the new ice skating drama Spinning Out tackle’s hot topics on mental health and disorders, the pressures of the ice skating world and balancing love and family dynamics.

Spinning Out deals with multiple tough themes and Edward shared his thoughts on how the show addresses mental illness.

“I learned a lot watching it,” said Edwards. “Reading it and then seeing it were, uh, two different experiences uh, because reading it, you, you wonder why the character is doing what they’re doing or how it, how it comes about, cause it’s just up to your imagination.”

Edwards also mentioned how careful the creators were in portraying the topic accurately.

“They were very careful in how they brought it into the show, because the show is about that. It’s not merely about ice skating, it actually is about the mental health journey, so they were very careful,” detailed Edwards. “I think that was the majority of what they were focusing on.”

Edwards is also known for such shows and films as All American on the CW, The Fix on Amazon Prime, My Friend, Tucker, and The First Purge.

Working in Toronto shooting the series, Edwards explains, in Episode 4’s after show, what it was like as an actor braving the cold weather to shoot some difficult scenes.

He shared some of his favorite moments.

“This was a lot of fun because we had the skiing scene in this episode,” shared Edwards. “The Keep Pinecrest Wild fest was also fun. It was fun to shoot. The director on it was Matt Hastings. He’s one of my favorites to work with.”

Catch the dynamic drama of ice skating on and off the ice as Spinning Off continues to rapture fans. Watch the full season on Netflix out now.

To watch the FULL aftershow and interviews with Mitchell Edwards, click the link above.

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