Spoiler Free Review of ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2.

The Netflix comedy-drama Emily in Paris is finally back with a second season! Time to find out what more awaits Emily on her journey in Paris!

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Emily in Paris after season 1 came out last year. Some people loved the laid-back escapism it offered while some people criticized it for being overly romanticized. If you are interested in watching now that Season 2 is finally here, we have a spoiler-free review on what the second season is like!


The first season left off with Emily and Gabriel getting together in the heat of the moment. The beginning of season two immediately begins with Emily and Gabriel facing the consequences of those actions. One of the major criticisms of the first season is that Emily is a “Mary Sue” character and never has to face the repercussions of her actions. This issue is slightly improved upon in this season as we do actually get to see Emily face the consequences of her actions with Gabriel. This plays out slowly throughout the season as we get to see how her relationship with Gabriel ends up affecting her work and personal life.

Emily also meets a new love interest in this season (it is Paris after all). This mystery man’s appearance complicates Emily’s already complicated love life and definitely creates many entertaining situations for our cast of characters. However, Emily isn’t the only character who has a potential love interest enter their life. We also get to explore more of the other character’s relationships and past lives including Sylvie’s and Mindy’s.


When it comes to Emily’s career, new challenges arise this season as her relationship with Camille and Gabriel starts to interfere with her work at Savoir. Remember Madeline? We also get to see more of her this season as she becomes more involved and creates an interesting clash between the French and American work cultures. How this conflict plays out at the end of the season is definitely something that will make you want to watch a third season!

The Fashion:

Just like the first season, the second season is filled with bold and fun fashion looks from all the characters. Mindy really does go the extra mile this season as we get to see more of her performances and outfits. Savoir also brings Emily and co to various extravagant parties and shows. So expect to see more stunning fashion choices from your favorite characters. 

Overall, the second season is definitely worth the binge, with each episode being around 20-25 minutes long. It is the perfect show if you want to watch a quirky comedy to forget about the hard year you’ve had. Live vicariously through Emily because don’t we all just want to fall in love in Paris?

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