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AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Spotlight On edition, is a long form interview series featuring actors and TV personalities discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Alexis Torres interviews Spice Williams.

Born on a ranch in North Hollywood, California, Spice Williams rode her horse to kindergarten, grew up playing in her father’s medical offices, eventually hitting the road as a musician, singer, and dancer under contract to 20th Century-Fox Records. Overcoming a seven-year drug and alcohol problem, at the age of 26, she turned to God, nutrition and exercise with the eventual promise of helping others to turn their lives around. As she got older, Spice changed the course of her career and began studying acting for stage and film. After hearing about roles for female warriors, wrestlers, and superheroines, she began to kickbox and bodybuild, slowly creating a niche for herself.

Spice has worked in such feature motion pictures as Star Trek V: The Final Frontier(1989), The Cherokee Kid (1996), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Guyver (1991), A Simple Plan (1998) and For Love of the Game (1999). She has also guest-starred on numerous television series including, Roseanne (1988), My Two Dads (1987), Women in Prison(1987), Mama’s Family (1983), The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), Step by Step (1991),Smart Guy (1997), Diagnosis Murder (1993), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) and Scrubs(2001), in what she terms as an “action actress”. “In fact”, says Spice, “I can’t remember doing a role where I wasn’t asked to perform some kind of physical feat”. She has worked in a 7UP commercial where she had to pick up the spokesperson, who weighed in at 225 pounds, and carried him out of a department store. Since 1986, Spice has been stunt doubling Deidre Hall (Marlena) on Days of Our Lives (1965) and, recently, played the jail cell bully, Veronica, who fights Marlena. She had the great honor of working with Clint Eastwood on Million Dollar Baby (2004), and then had a blast working on an independent film, with Luke Goss, called The Dead Undead (2010). She is very proud of co-starring in an incredible film called The Sensei (2008) with Diana Lee Inosanto, starring and directing, a film called Bare Knuckles (2010) with an uncredited cameo by Sir Anthony Hopkins, and she just finished coordinating a very scary film, Underground (2011), withSofia Pernas and Ross Thomas.

In 2010, Spice began a new journey in producing her own reality television show about women victims and turning them into women victors! Stunts came into play almost 29 years ago when Spice was asked to double an actress playing a Judo instructor oppositeRock Hudson. Since then, she has doubled for the likes of Louise Fletcher, Meg Foster,Katharine Ross, Clare Carey, Deidre Hall, Cindy Pickett, Linda Kozlowski, Eileen Brennan,Becky Ann Baker, Kelly Preston and many more. Spice also stunt coordinates feature films, television series and commercials. Her stunt expertise is in “fighting & hitting the ground”! Although Spice has crashed cars, dove through glass windows, taken stair falls, executed 30-foot ratchets, 50-foot high falls, and hung from helicopters 350 feet above the ground, she is perhaps best-known for her ability to pick a 300-pound man up over her head in a fireman’s carry.

Gracing the cover and pages of over 100 magazines, both here and abroad, Spice has also made a name for herself as a nutritional expert writing for magazine as Ms. Fitness, Natural Muscle Magazine, and World Black Belt. She holds black belts in Arjukanpo (3rd DAN) & Eskrima and is Certified Level 1 in Israeli KAPAP. Her successful joint venture with her husband — a popular line of vegetarian food products called “Spice of Life Meatless Meats & Jerky”. She holds two Master’s degrees and went after her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. In December 1998, she was voted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America-West and, this year, became one of only three women to take a Black Belt in the style of Arjukanpo, involving five combatant styles. One of her greatest honors was posing for a 30 ft. bronze statue where she represents the past, present and future female athletes of the Olympics. Spice’s goal is to continue to set an example for the “women of the new millennium” — spiritually focused, mentally alert, and physically capable. Spice is married to Gregory Crosby — screenwriter and first-born grandson of actor/singer Bing Crosby and they have a beautiful son, Luke Gregory Crosby, who is equally healthy and active and is now a very talented actor!

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