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AFTERBUZZ TV – Spartacus: Vengeance edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Starz’s Spartacus: Vengeance. In this show, host Spicy Mari breaks down the season 2 episode “Empty Hands” in which very few rebels escape the rescue mission from the Mines alive. Spartacus will suffer to leave no one behind even if it means the death of them all. The Romans lead by Glaber’s Tribune Marcus are in hot pursuit, assisted by Ashur. The captured Crixus and two others are reunited with Oenomaus at the villa, where treachery abounds. Meanwhile, Glaber must ease the insult he gave to Varinius a fellow Praetor, Ilithyia suggests a party in his honor. Young Seppia seeks advice from Lucretia on seeking her future husband and sets her sights on Varinius, much to Ilithyia’s envy. Ilithyia, angered by the neglect of Glaber, forms a plan to have her marriage dissolved and take Varinius as her new husband. Crixus and Oenomaus are to be executed in the arena while another is tortured to death at the hands of the party goers. Spartacus’ numbers dwindle in the forest as they are killed one by one by the pursuing Romans. By the final fight only Spartacus, Mira, Naevia and the wounded Nasir are left alive. During a combat encounter, Spartacus manages to wound Marcus. Marcus insists on persisting with pursuit, against the advice of Ashur. Ashur takes Marcus further into the forest, only to finish him off before Marcus can order his troops to continue hunting Spartacus. Back in Capua, Ilithyia outshines Seppia, who was unable to participate in the torture of the prisoner, and brokers a deal with Varinius for marriage if Senator Albinius (Ilithyia’s father) dissolves her marriage. Ilithyia seeks out her father among the party only to find him in bed with Lucretia. Furious, Ilithyia attacks Lucretia, but Lucretia reveals she did it only to heal past wrongs she had done to Ilithyia and help her seek her future as Varinius’ wife. Ilithyia, on hearing this, manages to stay her hand. Spartacus and Mira now stand as one as they see a horde of strangers approach in the sun’s early light ready for a fight to the death, only to find it is Agron and the rest of the Rebels come to aid them. There to help Spicy is co-host Sean Overman. It’s Spartacus: Vengeance’s “Empty Hands” podcast!

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