Space Force S1 E9 & E10 Recap & After Show: Space Force Hurriedly Puts Boots on the Moon!

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Steve Carell is BACK, and this time he’s putting boots on the moon! Join us on THE SPACE FORCE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow each episode of Space Force and the newborn government agency’s struggle in the race to space. Holding a comical yet cutting mirror up to American politics, Netflix is helping us all to laugh at ourselves when we need it most. Every week we’ll break down the episodes and provide insight into the storylines and character plots. Subscribe to stay up to date on all things Space Force!

Space Force found enough willing participants to push their plan to build a habitat on the moon four years ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, once their rocket had launched, China claimed the entire Sea of Tranquility off-limits for a science experiment, infuriating Mallory (John Malkovich). Mark (Steve Carell), however, is handling everything rather well as he is more pleasantly focused on the beginnings of a relationship with Kelly. He ultimately decides to have the astronauts stay the course and land outside the Sea of Tranquility, fulfilling Captain Ali’s milestone of walking on the moon, but inciting China’s team to run over the Apollo 11 flag with their rover. This is seen as an act of aggression by POTUS and the US military staff, forcing Mark to rein them in by promising them a proportionate response. When the Secretary of Defense orders a military strike, Mark reveals to Captain Ali (Tawny Newsome) guns are aboard, but Mark deescalates the situation by ordering the guns be dismantled for parts. This proves futile once the Secretary finds out and sends Kick in to arrest Mark and finish the strike. Mark gets a call from Erin (Diana Silvers), who has stranded herself in the desert with shady people, while his team of astronauts move to sabotage China’s habitat with wrenches. With Mallory’s help, he manages to escape, rescue Erin, and happen across Maggie and her new girlfriend, before getting the news from Brad that Space Force’s habitat was also sabotaged by China and he’ll likely be court marshaled once he returns to base.

Hosted by: Tatiana Mariesa & Kevin Allen

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