Space Force S1 E3 & E4 Recap & After Show: The Trip to Washington and The Lunar Therapist

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Steve Carell is BACK, and this time he’s putting boots on the moon! Join us on THE SPACE FORCE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow each episode of Space Force and the newborn government agency’s struggle in the race to space. Holding a comical yet cutting mirror up to American politics, Netflix is helping us all to laugh at ourselves when we need it most. Every week we’ll break down the episodes and provide insight into the storylines and character plots. Subscribe to stay up to date on all things Space Force!

On this episode of Netflix’s original Space Force – SEASON 1 – EPISODE 3 and 4 – Mallory and Mark come before the House Armed Services Committee in Washington to ask for a 150% increase in budget for Space Force. They have to come together to convince the committee that they have made progress are will continue to do good with the American interests in mind. Angela is set with the task to watch Marks daughter, Diana, and they have a chance to bond and form a friendship. Mark volunteers himself to take the place of someone at the Lunar Habitat. What he thought would be a mini vacation turns into a week-long therapy session as he has to adjust to working with a team again. While away, the First Lady decided to revamp the Space Force Uniforms and had so many options, everyone on base had a turn to try a new look.

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