Southland S:5 | Under the Big Top E:4 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Southland edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TNT’s Southland. In this episode, host Anik Dufour breaks down the episode in which Officer Sammy Bryant had a visit from the court evaluator about child safety in his home. He’s unable to afford the repairs needed. Later in the episode we see that he picked up some money that the bank robbers had thrown and kept it. He then called to schedule the plumbing work to be started. Detective Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson were assigned a case where they thought a man had been killed and then left dissolving in acid with only the bones left. It turns out that the guy and his girlfriend were faking his death and blaming on a woman that had threatened him before. Officer John Cooper and Henry Lucero had a day filled with strange and eventful calls. The father of Detective Adam’s child is divorcing his wife and wants to be in the child’s life. Even though she is having a difficult time doing it all since her mother died she resist letting him into her life. Her partner, Detective Robinson, tries telling her that she needs the help and her child needs a father. While police pursued bank robbers they threw money out of their car allowing them to get away since citizens were jumping in front of police cars for the money. Officer Ben Sherman and Bryant followed one into a subway station. Sherman followed him onto the train but his partner didn’t make it on in time. After struggle Sherman was able to place him into custody.There to help Anik is co-host Nick Perdue. It’s Southland’s “Under the Big Top” podcast!

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