Sometimes All You Need Is Seventy Cents – S1 E3 ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Recap & Review

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Following Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon returns with more suburban catfighting and social commentary, returning as an executive producer and star. We’re here to break down every single incredible moment on the AFTERBUZZ TV LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE AFTER SHOW! We’ll have expert commentary, cultural insights, and even wild fan theories and predictions, so make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Episode Recap

We started this episode finding out what’s really going on with Bebe, Mia’s co-worker. Mia promises her to help her find her daughter, no matter what. While Mia helps Elena set up for her friend’s baby’s birthday party, she slowly finds out that the baby could be Bebe’s. While the adults party set up, the kids are all getting ready for the homecoming dance. Lexi decides to share her essay with her boyfriend, who doesn’t believe the story is her own. Even though Lexi knows it’s not, she gets mad at him for not believing her. Throughout the episode Brian learns that the story is really Pearl’s and is on the verge of breaking up with Lexi because of it. Izzy is getting bullied at school. Elena finds out and is trying to investigate why. When we finally get to the birthday party, Mia confirms that the baby is Bebe’s and rushes to her house to tell her. Bebe aggressively crashes the birthday party screaming that it’s her baby and ends up getting arrested. The episode ends with Izzy getting on a bus by herself after the dance with only seventy cents.
  • Who Hosted The Show: Kay Montgomery @hostkay, Trina Dong @heytrinadong, Chef Beanz @chef_beanz, Monse Bolanos @monsebolanos
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