“Some Girls Need a Lot of Repenting” Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Happy’ Review

Sonny Shine is definitely making Easter interesting, as we have a chocolate easter bunny surprise! Luckily: No skin! Meanwhile, Smoothie is interacting a little to closely with Hailey, but her and Nick aren’t on Mitzvah terms so I wonder if he’ll find out. The blackmail tapes are found; and after some extreme intercourse video; hidden gems are found! Not to forget Meredith manipulating Nick into stealing them from Sonny’s wife Bibi, and also the insanity that is trying to take over Amanda. Lastly, Blue is taking part in some terrible murder activities and it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting out of prison any time soon. Stephen Lemieux breaks it all down!

When Nick Sax’s daughter gets kidnapped; Nick Sax takes action… and a drink… and a lot of drugs. And now, with the world at stake on this season of Happy, He’s going to step into the fray once again as him and his Unicorn Donkey take on Orcus, Blue, The Bunny, and The Bug! Join us for The HAPPY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as every week we discuss the crazy fights, horrifying deaths, warped leather orgies, and so much more! Subscribe, rate, and comment for all things Happy!

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Nick Sax is a corrupt, intoxicated, ex-cop turned hit man who is adrift in a twilight world of casual murder, soulless sex, and betrayal. After a hit goes wrong, Nick finds a bullet in his side, the cops and the mob on his tail, and a monstrous killer on the loose. But his world is about to be changed forever by a tiny, imaginary, blue-winged horse with a relentlessly positive attitude named Happy. On their journey, they must contend with a laundry list of enemies including angry mobsters, ex-mistresses, ex-wives, and one very bad Santa.