Social Media Reacts to the ‘Poker Face’ Season Finale!

The ten-episode Rian Johnson series concluded on Peacock to rave reviews from fans on social media!

Poker Face, Rian Johnson’s Columbo-style murder mystery show on Peacock starring the iconic Natasha Lyonne, concluded with a jaw-dropping season finale that was the perfect culmination of the whole show. Fans who have been following the story since the first three episodes were dropped a couple of months ago have been both excited for the last part and sad about the wait until the confirmed season two.

The tenth episode has been a huge hit with fans of the show. The episode ties together the overarching storyline and perfectly sets up the second season that fans are more than excited to see.

Fans have shared much love for Natasha Lyonne and her perfect playing of bullshit-detector Charlie Cale. With her trademark raspy voice and the incredible authenticity of her performance, it’s easy to see why fans fell in love with her in the first place.

The Columbo set-up of the show has also been a big hit with fans with its added irony and incredibly hilarious suspense. The format of the show has cemented director Rian Johnson as a major player in the genre, especially in terms of television.

Episode 9 of the show was a fan favorite, with Twitter users raving about the phenomenal directing and acting.

Thursday nights will definitely be a lot bleaker without weekly releases of Poker Face, but hopefully, a second season is not far behind.

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