Social Media Reacts To The Latest Episodes Of ‘Love Is Blind!’

In the latest episodes of Love Is Blind, the recently engaged couples finally face the real world.  Along with life’s challenges, there is lots of drama and fans had a lot to say on social media. 

Netflix released four more episodes of Love Is Blind on February 18th! The pod squad left their romantic getaway and made their way back to the real world.

In this phase of “the experiment”, the couples leave Mexico and move in together. Just a few weeks before their weddings, the couples get to see how they would work in the real world with family, friends, and distractions.

Unlike Love Is Blind Season 1, social media does not seem to have an apparent favorite couple. In fact, fans have spotted problems in every single relationship.

Fans had a lot to say about Shaina. Not only does she have Shayne drama, but has also gotten in trouble over sensitive issues like religion and race.

For the time being, the only fan favorite seems to be Shake’s mom.

One couple who disappointed fans was Danielle and Nick. The two started out strong, but in these past episodes, their relationship faced multiple road bumps.

Despite Mallory and Salvador’s rocky relationship, fans still managed to bring out the humor. They got very creative about Sal’s constant singing.

Overall, social media is not rooting for anyone in particular. In fact, fans are disappointed at how the love stories are unfolding.

Iyanna, Salvador, and Deepti seemed to be amongst the few liked contestants.

Despite the drama and some disappointment, a lot of couples are still going strong with the show’s season finale coming up on February 25. Fans will finally get to see who breaks up and who gets their happily ever after. On Friday the pod squad will have to prove if love is truly blind!

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