Social Media reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5!

With so much drama about Shanae, this might as well be her season of The Bachelor.  Here is what social media had to say about the most recent episode.

If you thought that Shrimp-Gate would be the end of the Shanae show, you were wrong. In The Bachelor’s latest episode, contestant Shanae Ankney managed to make yet another episode about herself. With so much drama, Bachelor Nation had a lot to say on social media.

Last night, Clayton finally asked the girls in the house about Shanae’s behavior. The girls didn’t hesitate to tell him all about her temper tantrum the week before, where she threw a trophy in a pond. The former NFL player proceeded to confront Ankney about her actions.

The season’s villain seemed genuinely sorry for what she had done and quickly apologized to the girls in the house. She said, “I am really sorry, and I hope we can get past this.” Ankney even shed tears in her performance. She was so convincing, that some contestants accepted her apology. Only to later tell the camera, “I’m not sorry, hoes, I need an Oscar award for that performance.”

Despite all the red flags, Clayton forgave her once again. Some girls failed to hide their initial reactions:

Bachelor Nation isn’t happy with Clayton. A Twitter user compared him to former bachelor, Peter Webber.

At this point, everybody has told Clayton about Shanae’s intentions. Before leaving the house, contestant Sierra Jackson said, “don’t be stupid”.

With so many fans disappointed, Bachelor Clayton Echard has experienced a lot of backlash. He reacted on Twitter:

In the midst of all the drama, Clayton and Gabby’s one on one date gave Bachelor Nation a break. The two took a helicopter ride and went on a cute stroll.

Last night’s episode was a lot of drama, a lot of Shanae. The question is, what will happen to her? Her fate on the show is yet to be determined. Last night’s episode ended with the season’s first two on one date. Two girls, one rose.

Even though we don’t know what will happen, next week’s episode will definitely give Bachelor Nation a lot more to react to.

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