Social Media Reacts To ‘Love Island’s’ Casa Amor & Its Aftermath!

Love Island UK Season 8 members have finally gone through Casa Amor with new boys, new girls, and a new villa, and many heads have seemed to turn. Here’s what social media had to say!

First off, here’s what you need to know before we get into what happened during Casa Amor.

In the villa, we had many couples that seemed solid or at least really building a foundation that is needed in a relationship. These couples include: Gemma and Luca, Tasha and Andrew, Indiya and Dami, Paige and Jacques, Ekin Su and Davide, and Danica and Jay.

Now that all these islanders have separated from their couples and gone into Casa Amor things have changed. Many heads are turned and many fans are shocked. The recoupling ceremony was truly unpredictable and here’s how social media reacted.


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The craziest thing that happened was that both Dami and Indiyah recoupled with Summer and Deji, but Dami didn’t take Indiyah coming back with someone else well. He stated he’s happy he recoupled and made other snarky comments and Indiyah of course didn’t stand for that saying “May the best heartbreaker win”. Social media was here for these two having their back and forth.


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Many felt confused on why Dami was so upset after disrespecting Indiyah while in Casa Amor by kissing two girls and also recoupling.

Tasha recoupled with Billy and Andrew coupled up with Coco. This sparked a lot from both viewers and islanders. Andrew was immediately disappointed as soon as Tasha walked in with Billy. He didn’t want to believe the new girls when they told him that Tasha was playing him, especially since she said she could see him as her boyfriend and might be falling in love with him. Andrew was at the end of the day hurt. He told Tasha after the recoupling what all that the girls said and she lashed out saying the girls don’t know what they are talking about but they ended the conversation by saying she wants to explore things with Billy while leaving the door open with him. Social media didn’t like that.

Lastly, Jacques decided to stay with Paige even though in Casa Amor he was kissing other girls and telling them he’s open to knowing them, and telling the boys he doesn’t care about Paige’s feelings. Social media hated that he couldn’t just recouple with the girl he had been growing close with at Casa Amor.

Paige however didn’t know anything and coupled up the Jacques happily until…

Casa Amors Cheyanne exposes him to finding an interest in her and what they’ve had and talked about.

Paige, later on, confronted Jacques about this and he of course did a lot of deflecting and was just disrespectful.

To sum it up:

Overall Casa Amor was so juicy and we can’t wait for more to come!

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