Social Media Reacts To Episode 8 Of ‘The Bachelor’!

Between the drama with Sarah and Mara, and hometowns being next week there is a lot to unpack. Here is what social media had to say about the most recent episode of The Bachelor

Hometowns are right around the corner, and boy is there still so much drama in the house! The lucky four will be showing Clayton their families, but before we get to that part we need to talk about all the drama that has unfolded on The Bachelor’s latest episode!

Here is how social media reacted to the latest episode.

Last week’s drama between Sarah and Mara got carried into this week and the two brought the drama to the rose ceremony.

After all of the drama, Mara was not given a rose at the rose ceremony. The biggest shock though was Eliza being sent home. Bachelor Nation loves Eliza and is hoping to see her on the beach this summer!

Susie got a one-on-one this week and she is living every girl’s dream of being given a shopping spree!

At the end of the group date, the therapist announced that someone had performative feelings. All eyes immediately turned to Sarah during this.

The girls all talked to Clayton one by one and explained how Sarah has been acting in the house and towards other girls. Sarah is called out by Clayton for “fake crying” and is then sent home. Bachelor Nation had a lot to say about this!

After an intense night, Serene and Clayton have a one-on-one. We are loving the two of them together!

Teddi gets sent home, leaving the final four for hometowns. Bachelor Nation wants more of Teddi and is hoping to see her in paradise!

We are down for the final four! What is going to happen next week? Are hometowns going to be a fail or help relationships? Tune in next Monday, February 28th to find out!

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