Social Media Fan Reactions to ‘The Kardashians’ Season 2 Episode 4!

The latest episode of The Kardashians saw Kris getting answers about her hip, Kendell starting a new venture in real estate, Martha Stewart, and more! Let’s see how fans are reacting

We are quite curious about this season and the direction everyone will take after watching the most recent episode. Luckily, we currently have all the solutions we need in social media:

Fans found this episode a great escape from their daily life!

Khloe is blessing our screens with her beautiful glam and popped off in the latest episode!

Kris Jenner discovered she needs a hip replacement, fans were reacting to this news.

We got a few cameos in this week’s episode one being Kim’s daughter North.

Pete Davidson also made a cameo via phone call in this episode and fans are loving him!

You can catch new episodes of The Kardashians every Thursday on Hulu!

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