So Who’s Actually Winning ‘Big Brother All Stars’?

We are one week away from finding who will be the next winner of Big Brother, but who deserves it? BB alums and fans weigh in on their pick for the half million dollars!

Before we get into what past BB players think, I believe it’s important to analyze each of the players and their individual games.

Let’s start with ENZO!

HOH Wins: 2 POV Wins: 1

The Meow Meow managed to pass through the season without ever being put on the block and never really got on anyone’s bad side.

As a player, I classify him as a floater. He told everyone what they wanted to hear and was in everyone’s business which isn’t a bad thing.

He got people to trust him and confide in him and used valuable information against them to further his game.

He was also the sole reason why Tyler and Christmas became targets after the triple eviction.

There’s a lot of talk about whether he actually deserves to win Big Brother. In my opinion, it all depends on who he is sitting next to.

I don’t think the jury really sees his game because he laid so low during the season. His best bet is to win the final HOH and vote out Cody. He needs to make a big move to prove to the jury that he deserves the title of BB winner.

Next: CODY!

HOH Wins: 3 POV Wins: 4

Cody has the most well-rounded game out of all the remaining houseguests.

He also has the most combined competition wins compared to the others and, just like Enzo, has never touched the block.

His game is impressive and has made no enemies in the jury house despite him nominating and being responsible for some people’s evictions.

He was part of the very powerful Committee alliance which controlled the entire game up until they were the last ones left in the house.

Cody also made deals that provided him safety week after week. Not to mention that he won the most important veto competition that guaranteed him a spot in the final three and was the sole vote to evict.

He has what it takes to win it all but will he?

As Tyler said this is his game to lose.

Last but not least: NICOLE!

HOH Wins: 1 POV Wins: 1

Let’s begin with the fact that she actually won this game before and she’s still in the house!

Nicole was part of the big alliance called the Committee as well. Now, Nicole is not my cup of tea. BUT, I have to say that it’s quite surprising to me that she’s made it to the final three and I do think she has a good shot at being the first two-time winner of BB depending on who she’s sitting next to in the final two.

Nicole played a really lowkey game similar to Enzo. She didn’t really have to win competitions at the beginning of the game because her alliance was running the house.

In addition, she won her first HOH plus the veto and sent Memphis to the jury.

Where Nicole’s game may lack is that she hasn’t made one solid move to earn her the money. She can definitely use her being a former winner to sway the jury, but I do think they’ll want more than just that.

So, who should win Big Brother? Here’s what I think and what some past houseguests have said:

My prediction: If Nicole wins the final HOH and evicts Cody, she would win Big Brother. If Enzo wins the final HOH and evicts Cody, he would win Big Brother. If Cody wins the final HOH, I don’t think it matters who he evicts, he would win Big Brother.

Andy Herren, winner of Big Brother 15, had this to say:

Danielle Reyes, one of best players to never win BB said this:

Josh Martinez, winner of Big Brother 19, voiced his support for Nicole if she makes it to final two:

Here’s it what fans have to say:

Nicole is officially the first ever previous female winner to make it to F3 (and second overall after Dan). The stats speak for themselves, one of the best to ever play the game. #BB22

— (@hohweek) October 23, 2020

Has Cody played a better game? Yes. Does Nicole deserve to win because they let a former winner make it to the final 3 again? Yes. #BB22

— BBSavant #BB22 (@2021ravenclaw1) October 23, 2020

I say this with as little bias as possible:
Cody, Nicole and Enzo making final 3 twice each is very impressive, regardless of how much I don’t like it and the reasons why it ended up that way.

Back to reality: I hope none of them win and the money goes to charity.#Bb22

— Mel – VOTE DA’VONNE/ STREAM POSITIONS (@melbrown00) October 23, 2020

Finally, next week we will also find out who wins America’s Favorite Houseguest! Go to and vote DA’VONNE for AFH!

Find out who wins Big Brother next week Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS!

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