Snowpiercer S1 E2-5 Recap & After Show: On this jam-packed Snowpiercer AfterShow, we’re covering episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5! Here’s what went down!

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After the world freezes over, humanity is forced to live in a perpetually moving train circling the globe. Join us on the SNOWPIERCER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we take a long ride to see how long it takes for humanity to go off the rails. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date. 

Episode 2: We learn more about the tallies, and the entire class system! In a train of 3000 people heading towards the end of the world, there’s bound to be some tension! Episode 3: It’s Fight Night! To offer some entertainment on the train, fight night has become a tradition that brings the classes together. With the class system already on the rocks, things definitely come to a head. Nikki also dies and we were shook! Episode 4: In the aftermath of Nikki’s death, Melanie starts to lose control and Layton begins to put the pieces of the murder together. We now know that Eric is the killer, but we also find out that he did not work alone! Layton questions LJ and gets exactly what he needs out of her. Episode 5: As Layton finally puts the pieces of the murder together, LJ must now stand trial as she is accused of murder. The classes want equal representation for themselves in this trial, but Melanie just wants to get railed by Bennett. In the end, the classes find LJ to be guilty but “Mr. Wilford” aka Melanie and her team, swoop in to save LJ to avoid a class war. However, we think she might’ve just started one. All this and more on the Snowpiercer AfterShow hosted by Trina Dong (@heytrinadong) and Bryant Santos (@thebryantsantos).
Hosts: Trina Dong & Bryant Santos
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