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Host Emmanuel Wright Porchia Carter Kayla Renee talk about Franklin shooting kevin in the back in broad daylight over drug recipe and family deaths. Osso and Lucia got caught by the feds and are now snitching on everyone, they will die soon. Teddy worked out a deal with the feds and Matt will survive his cocaine drug torture by the Columbians. Franklins mom does not want his dirty money even though she was hoeing for cash last season.

We’re about to kick it old school and maybe get arrested because we’re talking all about Lucia’s rise to power alongside Franklin, the power struggles that ensue, and maybe a little drug trade. Join us on the SNOWFALL AFTER SHOW every week as we break down and discuss the themes and actions of every episode weekly! Subscribe and comment for guest interviews, exclusive news and gossip, and more!!

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It’s 1983 and the crack cocaine epidemic is in its infancy in Los Angeles. Ambitious Lucia — the daughter of a Mexican crime lord who sells marijuana throughout the city — sees the burgeoning cocaine business as a potential moneymaker, so she manipulates her family into entering the more dangerous and profitable territory than pot. Getting involved with the new drug is setting her on a violent collision course with the likes of Franklin, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for power, and former Mexican wrestler Gustavo, who is caught up in a power struggle within a crime family. Also getting involved in the cocaine trade is CIA operative Teddy, who is running from a dark past and begins an off-book operation to fund Nicaraguan Contras. Oscar-nominated director John Singleton (“Boyz N the Hood”) co-created the drama series and says he drew inspiration from his own life for Franklin’s story.

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