Siesta Key S3 E13 & E14 Recap & After Show: Confessions, Loyalties, and Judgements!

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The AfterBuzz TV Siesta Key After Show Podcast breaks down every episode of Siesta Key! From your favorite couples to all the sexy goodness, stay up to date on everything you need to know!

On episode 13 of season 3 Siesta Key, Juliette comes clean to Alyssa about what happened between her and Alex in Nashville. Chloe makes it clear on where her loyalties are between Juliet and her career. Amanda chooses not to take Juliet’s side during her outburst. Afterbuzz TV’s Eboné Chatman and DJ Beaulieu break it all down!
On episode 14 of season 3 Siesta Key, blasts from the past show up all in one party! Kelsey and Garrett’s progressing relationship is on the fence when a girl from Garrett’s past shows up. Robbie flies in to try to get Juliette back. Brandon reconnects with his ex Camila. Afterbuzz TV’s Ebone Chatman and DJ Beaulieu break it all down!
Hosted by: Eboné Chatman and DJ Beaulieu

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