Sia Alipour Talks Exciting New ‘Tehran’ Season 2 Character!

The hit Apple TV+ series Tehran is back, and  Sia Alipour is talking all about his new character as well as his part in the upcoming Netflix series The Sandman.

Tehran is back for a second season on Apple TV+. Along with new intense storylines, some new characters have entered the spy thriller series including Sia Alipour who plays Vahid Nemati.

In an exclusive interview, the talented actor talked with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About it. He discusses his new role on the show as well as his upcoming role in the soon the be released Netflix series The Sandman.

Tehran follows a Mossad Agent (Niv Sultan) who infiltrates Iran’s Capital, but things don’t go according to plan and she’s now trapped in a new life. While season one took viewers on a wild ride, the stakes are even higher in season two, and the new character Vahid Nemati is already making a splash with his anything but ordinary personality.

“Vahid is over the top. He’s head to toe in Versace drives a Lamborghini, and has this beautiful pool house… He’s one of the staple rich kids of Tehran.” Explained Alipour. “What he brings to the series is he is kind of the gateway for Tamar to make her way through the rich side of Iran to do what she needs to do.”

Sia was drawn to the role for many reasons but most notably was his dramatic sense of presence.

“I love that he can walk into any room and start talking to any person and drown them in this luxurious sense of excess. Vahid and I are opposites, and I wanted to explore this alien concept” Said Alipour.

Another new face in the series is Marjan Montazeri played by Glenn Close. While Sia did not have any scenes with the actor he did get to see her in action, and it was nothing but extraordinary.

“I did get to watch her work several times and she’s just as you expect, phenomenal. She’s such a wonderful, lovely, kind person, but she’s also very work-driven. Watching her portray her character is like watching art move, I can sit down happily and watch her do scenes all-day” Said Alipour.

Tehran isn’t the only project Sia has up his sleeve, he also has a part in the much anticipated Netflix series The Sandman created by Neil Gaiman. While Sia could not reveal much, he did emphasize the series will be a must-watch.

“Neil Gaiman’s very specific storytelling style comes through in the series and it’s just a good story. It’s so nice that every once in a while you get to be part of a project that you know is going to tell such a wonderful story and that’s what sandman is going to be.”

Although Sia is a part of two popular shows, The actor isn’t slowing down. Early next year fans will also be able to see him in a film called Fair Play.

Make sure to catch Tehran every Friday on Apple TV+. Check out the full interview with Sia below.

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