Should jogging in your neighborhood cost you your life? Talking Ahmaud Arbery, Scott Disick & More

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Presented by AfterBuzz TV, Everything happens on social media: breaking news, trending topics, live reactions, meme wars, subtweets and drama, drama, drama! Pop culture critics & co-captains, Nakia Monét & Howard III will drive this I hate Social Media boat straight through this river of tea every week. Find out everything that went down on twitter & get ready to laugh, have a good time, and enjoy in our shared love/hate relationship with Social Media!

Watch and listen as hosts Nakia Monet and Howard the 3rd talk about the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and what should happen next. How the ladies of real housewives of atlana are reading each other at home. Also why reality tv star Scott Disick checked out of rehab after one week. Tune in

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