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AFTERBUZZ TV — TV Pilot Reviews edition, is a weekly show covering premieres every single week, especially with all the streaming platforms. Which ones should you invest your time into? Don’t worry, we’re to help you. We’ll sift through the various TV pilots and give you recommendations on which ones you’d love and which ones you should skip. Today we talk STARZ’s America To Me.

Today, we discuss our very first documentary “pilot,” with Starz’ groundbreaking new series AMERICA TO ME. Helmed by acclaimed, Oscar-nominated documentarian Steve James, the series offers a look inside one of Chicago’s most progressive public schools, located in suburban Oak Park.

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We all know the struggle of trying to decide which shows to invest our time into. On TV PILOT REVIEWS we save you the trouble as we go through new TV pilots and recommend which shows you will want to binge watch and which shows you may want to skip…

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