Shonda Agrees, Times Up! HTGAWM and Scandal Crossover, and Lanisha Fisher Introduces a New Game – Shondaland Weekly

AFTERBUZZ TV — Shondaland News edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Shonda Rhimes. In this episode, hosts Lanisha Fisher, Keith Collins, Lynneisha Charles, and Tori Broussard talk about Shonda News for the week.

​Shonda​ ​Talks​ ​Net​ ​Neutrality,​ ​Aja​ ​Naomi​ ​King​ ​as​ ​L’Oreal​ ​Paris​ ​Spokeswoman,​ ​and
Hosts​ ​Spread​ ​Christmas​ ​Cheers

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