She Hulk: Attorney at Law: A Self Contained Wedding Episode!

Episode 6 of She Hulk: Attorney at Law is filled with a  wedding, and another Marvel legal case, but not Daredevil.

Well, they fooled us, didn’t they? The last episode gave viewers a tantalizing look at Daredevil’s new helmet, but Matt Murdock is non- existent from this one. It’s a dangerous game to play with Marvel fans, but at least the show is conscious of each move it makes.

In episode 6, “Just Jen,” Jen attends an uncomfortable Thursday wedding while Mallory Book, her coworker, and her paralegal Nikki are back at work handling the episode’s subplot, a “divorce” case involving the famous founding Avenger, Mister Immortal. OK, it was the Great Lakes Avengers, but still. When The Avenger of the Midwest jumped out of the window of Mallory’s office rather than face her judgment, was a very dark and very funny, and perhaps the most absurd image of the series to date. This sitcom-esque storyline was a great way to contrast the wedding while staying consistent with the bizarre legal cases within the MCU.

It’ll never get old to watch She-Hulk and Titania trade blows, and the light-hearted decision to have it all scored to “The Electric Slide”? *chef’s kiss* No complaints there.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law gets a sitcom staple – the wedding episode – and it’s another fun installment that plays with Jen’s conflicting feelings over She-Hulk. We even get a little bit of action in Titania vs. She-Hulk, but the B-story, which gives us the great pairing of Mallory and Nikki, is a consistent delight, showing the strength of the series’ superhero lawyer premise.

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