Shameless S:9 Do Right! Vote White! E:4

It’s Shameless’ 100th episode and hosts Juliet Vibert, JJ Jurgens and Phil Svitek break down all the Gallagher storylines – from Frank’s continued political advocacy to Ian’s run in with bigots to The Alibi’s 3 vagina rating! Plus they discuss the biggest shocker of the night – Xan’s mother returns and Lip acts impulsively. Post episode discussion, they walk down memory lane and check out some behind the scenes photos from past seasons. Lastly they deliver some news and predict future episodes. Feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts on the episode or any of the past ones. We enjoy reading them.

Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who spends much of his free time drinking at bars. The Gallagher children — led by oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who takes on much of the child-rearing responsibility due to her mother’s absence — manage to raise themselves in spite of Frank’s lack of parenting and unusual parenting style when he does choose to act like a father. The drama is an adaptation of the BAFTA Award-winning British show of the same name.