‘Shadow & Bone’ Season 3 Fan Theories!

Fans have been loving the return of the Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse and are already talking about a third season!

Since season two dropped earlier this month, fans have been buzzing about the possibilities for season three, especially with the way Eric Heisserer has been mashing up all of Leigh Bardugo’s books to adapt them for the screen.

Fans especially have theories about Mal and Alina’s arc since the end of season two had them parting ways on uncertain terms, with Alina staying in Ravka and Mal taking over Nikolai’s role as privateer.

Some ships that only got teased on screen in season two, fans are expecting to see more of in season three.

Season two further developed Kaz’s storyline with flashbacks into his childhood and his rivalry with Pekka. Fans also want to see their other faves’ backstories in the next season.

Since the end of the second season sets up the plot line from the Six of Crows, fans are excited to see that story arc from the beloved book set up on the screen. There is a lot of debate online about whether or not it will be a spinoff show or a season three, but fans will be happy as long as fans get to see their characters return.

With such a successful second season and so many possibilities for the third, it’s easy to see why fans can’t wait for more of the show. While there hasn’t been a renewal for season three yet, hopefully, we don’t have to wait another two years to get more of our favorite characters!

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