‘Shadow and Bone’ Episode 7 Recap and Review

We finally got our answers about Kirigan’s background! As well as what the Crows plan on doing now that they’ve lost Alina.

*Spoilers for Episode 7 below!*

The episode starts off with a flashback of Kirigan before The Fold was created. He looks the same but is much younger. Grisha are being hunted by the king’s soldiers. The majority are at a sanctuary, except Kirigan and what we presume is his lover, Luda. Right before they escape, soldiers capture and execute Luda. Kirigan takes Luda back to the sanctuary, but there is no one who can save her. He goes to his mother, Baghra, and tells her he wants to create an army like Morozova’s amplifiers. She says it’ll kill him, but he doesn’t listen. When the soldiers arrive, he attempts to control them using shadows and dark magic, but he cannot control the power. The Fold is created from his attempt to make an army to protect Grisha, and it swallows up everything in its path.

In the present, Kirigan and his Grisha are tracking Alina. David is able to feel the ring nearby, meaning she is within a mile of them.

In East Ravka, the Crows are counting up what money they have left. Defeated, Kaz wants to cut their losses and go back home. Inej and Jesper agree, but she waits to tell Jesper she cannot go back to the Menagerie since they won’t be able to pay Heleen. Jesper understands, and they say their goodbyes.

We’re now with Alina and Mal as they find the stag. She wonders if Kirigan lied to her about how amplifiers work, and she doesn’t want to kill it. When it gets close to her, she touches it, and it amplifies her powers. But someone else shoots the stag and then Mal! Kirigan and his men show up, and Alina tries to protect Mal and the stag, but she is forced to pick and she chooses Mal, so Kirigan kills the stag.

We’re back with the Crows, and Kaz is outside sitting by a fire. He stops Inej when he notices her, asking if she’s coming to say goodbye, which she is. She gets ready to leave when he has nothing else to say to her, except he tells her that Alina is real. He doesn’t believe in saints, but he believes in himself, and her, and Jesper, and his Crows. No saint has watched him as Inej has, and he promises he won’t let her go back to the Menagerie.

We cut back to Alina, who is in Kirigan’s tent. Kirigan makes attempt to sway Alina back to his side, telling her they can do anything together. It seems like she agrees, and David places the stag’s antlers around her neck and a piece of the bone on Kirigan’s hand. Using his powers, David melds the bones into them, leaving the antlers jutting out of Alina’s collar bones. Now, Kirigan can use Alina’s powers through her.

The Crows, who are going to stick together now, are at The Fold, scouting Aiken’s contraption. They’re watching as soldiers investigate it, and Jesper and Inej ask Kaz if he can drive it. Kaz tries to convince them he knows how to work it and that it’ll be okay. But it doesn’t matter because it explodes.

We’re back with Alina, and she’s in a carriage with Ivan. She arrives at the base near The Fold and is escorted to a tent. Genya arrives, letting Alina know the Apparat is ruling because the king is sick, and the queen is confined to her quarters. In a shocking twist, Alina realizes Genya was a spy for Kirigan and never sent any letters to Mal. She said she had no choice because she was different from other Grisha, which Alina scoffs at. She’s been different from everyone her entire life, there’s always a choice. The king has been taking advantage of Genya and deserves vengeance, but Kirigan doesn’t deserve her loyalty. Upset, Genya storms away.

Meanwhile, the Crows are planning how to cross the Fold. They make plans to board the same skiff as Alina and Kirigan dress as dignitaries. In order to make sure Inej goes with them, he promises that once they cross The Fold, she’ll decide what they do.

Back at the camp, Kirigan goes to see Mal, who calls him the Black Heretic and tells him Alina will not forgive him. Kirigan is not having it, and he simply does not care. He and Alina will outlive Mal, and one day she will forgive him. Kirigan doesn’t need to kill Mal. Time will do it for him. Mal is then alone with a snoozing guard. But then we see our favorite furry creature, Milo the goat! And around his neck is Jesper’s bullet. Mal attracts the goat with crumbs and uses the bullet to unlock the handcuffs.

At this point, Kirigan is once again trying to convince Alina to side with him. But she’s pissed that he lied to her. He tells her that everything he has ever done has been for Grisha and for Ravka. She says she would’ve been willing to help make sure Grisha would be safe if he had made her an equal and given her a choice. But it’s too late for now. Understanding he cannot win over right now, Kirigan accepts his role as her villain, and leaves. Ivan lets him know Mal has escaped, and Kirigan doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t go near Alina.

The episode ends with the Crows, who have stolen clothes from foreign dignitaries and edited their papers. When they board, they see Alina. Mal sneaks into the hold underneath the deck. And as the ship launches forward, Kaz and Inej say the iconic saying of the Crow Club, “No mourners. No funerals.”

Oh my gosh! We finally got Kirigan’s background! Luda was a character who wasn’t in the books, which I think helped flesh Kirigan. He also mentions that he and his mom are part of Morozova’s bloodline, hinting at his real name in the books: Aleksander Morozova. Baghra leads a super interesting life in the books and spinoffs, which I would love to see explored in the show.

The show also incorporated two iconic quotes from the books! When Kirigan accepts Alina’s decision to hate him, he says, “Make me your villain.” Let me tell you, this quote has been used in so many fan edits, and seeing it come to life was so cool! Also with the “No mourners. No funerals!” It’s what the Crows say when they’re about to go into danger and it was so great hearing it!

Speaking of the Crows, once again, Jesper never fails to capture my attention. From his witty one-liners to his adoration of Milo the goat, he is captivating. Kit Young is killing it! Kaz and Inej had a nice scene in this episode. Their relationship is a complicated one, and it’s so nice to see them connect.

What fell a little flat to me was when Genya turned out to be Kirigan’s spy. I wish we had spent more time at the Little Palace because Genya’s betrayal would’ve hurt more. I did appreciate Alina’s sympathy as well as how she agreed that the king was horrible. But I would’ve liked a little more drama.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I cannot wait to watch the season finale! Things are starting to heat up, and with the exception of Nina and Matthias, our cast of characters is finally all together and heading into The Fold!

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