Shades Of Blue : Talking the Messy Side of Show Business, & How Jennifer Lopez Still Shines

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AfterBuzz TV’s “A Podcast About JLo” is a weekly Podcast that showcases & highlights all-things, Jennifer Lopez. Everything from Music, to Dance, Television, Film or Fashion; Ronnie, Russell, & Fallon are your ultimate JLo superfans. Over the course of this Podcast Series, we will be welcoming a variety of guests in & around the world of Jennifer Lopez. This series will cover current events, hot topics, and an overall behind-the-scenes breakdown about her career-longevity, love-life & more. The three hosts share an incomparable amount of knowledge and adoration for Jennifer Lopez, with such interesting & unique perspectives. It’s time to show some love to all the JLovers, & above all… Let’s Get Loud!!!!

On this week’s episode of “A Podcast About JLo,” Ronnie, Russell, & Fallon are welcomed by JLo Superfan & overall Performer, Rachele Royale. The discussion of career and entertainment expectations will be the focal point of the conversation, along with some JLo news updates & more. While Jennifer Lopez has had an incomparable amount of success, the industry itself can pose certain challenges that require a unique level of fortitude, balance, and personal well being. Lopez represents this in the work she does, but also as a Mother, Business Woman, Public Figure, & Role Model. To sustain a career with such longevity, certain trials & tribulations inevitably come along the way, and this episode is dedicated to speaking on those issues along w the celebration of perseverance & dedication.
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