Sexologist and Founder of Soul Sexology Shinyere Davis Talks Sex Tips and More!

Sexologist and Founder Shinyere Davis Joins The Black Creators Club Podcast to talk about  Relationships, Intimacy, and Sex Tips for Valentine’s Day 

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Posted On: February 15th, 2021 8:38 pm pst

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In a recent episode of The Black Creators Club, hosts Akilah Ffriend and Eboné Chatman interviewed Shinyere Davis, a sexologist who runs her own business called Soul Sexology where she offers her services to help couples and individuals get in touch with love, sex and intimacy.  

Please check out the episode below!

Shinyere Davis shared a personal story with the Black Creators Club that solidified her career path. When she was in college, she got pregnant but wasn’t ready for the huge responsibility of parenthood, and decided to terminate the pregnancy. Through her experience, she realized the lack of resources that were available for those who live in minority communities when it came to affordability. She wanted to be a guiding light to especially help young adults learn about healthy sex practices. 

Throughout the episode Shinyere gives honest and raw responses to all of the questions and provides insight on the oversexulaiztion of Black women in the media. In Shinyere’s professional opinion, the fetishizing of Black women starts in the home, as there is a protective shield that is pushed onto young girls from their parents that make Black women feel ashamed of their bodies. 

“People in general carry this subconscious policing over the Black body” said Shinyere. As the Black woman is held to different standards when it comes to the way they are expected to dress because, for the most part their bodies are something that are lusted over. So to “show respect” for herself, society’s answer is to cover up. “A lot of it is the subconscious belief that Black women we are not allowed to live in our freedom and our vulnerability because we understand that society does not protect Black women”. 

The themes in the episode are endless as we explore all areas of sex, relationships, and initimacy. She also expands on her journey in her field of Sexology and the difference between sex and initimacy.

“I like to encourage people, sexual liberation doesn’t not mean that I’m for any and everybody. And even if I was, if that’s the conscious decision I make for myself, so be it….It doesn’t mean that I lack standards and that’s what we have to stop correlating. I can be sexually liberated, and not be having sex” 

If you are curious and want to learn more, The Black Creators Club has teamed up with Soul Sexology for a group session. Reserve your spot now at 25% off! 

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This episode of the Black Creators Club gives us the rundown on the importance of staying true to yourself and to always abide by your ABCs- Always Be Creating! 

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