“Severed” Lost In Space Season 2 Episode 6 Review & Recap

Lost in Space makes a triumphant return to Netflix and we’re here to break it all down! Join us to break down all the episodes here on THE LOST IN SPACE AFTER SHOW!
The mechanics return from the planet to the Resolute and with them they bring a small amount of metal eating fungus. This fungus slowly starts to eat the ship. Leaving Penny, VJ, Dr Smith and the Science teacher trapped in a section alone after part of the floor collapses. With more of the ship being slowly dissolved and After several futile attempts to save them, the captain decides that the section of Resolute they are on must be severed by an explosion from the rest of the ship in order to stop the infection from spreading. Certain death faces the group. But Don has other ideas and quickly creates a plan to save them by cramming them all into a freezer not exactly suitable for space or four people to fit in. BAck on the planet Maureen, Adler and Will are nearly being eaten by alien scavengers when out of nowhere a light blinds them. It’s the robot! He leads them to a cave to show them pictographs of memories from him and Will. But then Will notices that the robot is not his robot and he goes into attack mode, and is swiftly killed by Adler and his robot killing suitcase. Will hasn’t given up though and after leaving the cave he falls into a pit and straight into the arms of his real robot.
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