Seven Sitcom BFF’s Including ‘Friends’, ‘Living Single’, & More!

Yesterday was National BFF day and we’re still celebrating! Here are seven best friends from sitcoms who always have each other’s back, lean on one another for advice and make each other laugh and cry.

So, grab your besties and find out which duo or group you can relate to!

New Girl: Jess and Cece

“I can’t believe I’ve known you for 20 years and you’re still my favorite person to talk to.”

The friends that have been by your side since you were kids are the friendships that last a lifetime. Watching your bestie grow up with you and going through changes together is the root of Jess and Cece’s friendship. Just like any friendship, there will be fights and disagreements, but that only makes bonds stronger, especially for these two! They never fail to pick each other up after break-ups, relationship problems and awkward moments in their friend group.

Living Single: Synclaire, Maxine, Regine and Khadijah

“Once we give ourselves the respect we deserve, we empower ourselves to be free.”

What makes a great group of long-lasting friends? Lifting each other up and having different personalities of course! These four women are always there for each other through thick and thin, helping navigate through their 20s. From Synclaire’s flirty joy to Regine’s positivity and sassiness to Khadijah’s sophisticated passion and Maxine’s work ethic, there’s someone for everyone to identify with. These strong ladies taught each other about raw honesty, vulnerability, love and everlasting friendship!

30 Rock: Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy

“It’s the hug plane coming in. You’re cleared for approach.”

Whoever said you cannot be besties with your superiors might be wrong, at least in the case of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. Opposites do attract. Liz is a self-identified feminist and advocate for change, while Jack is your typical macho bossman who is stuck in his ways. Nevertheless, the two form a friendship around unfiltered honesty and playful banter. They challenge each other to open up and discover new parts about themselves. The two also learn aspects about one another that help them grow. At times they can be snarky, but it’s all in good nature.

Friends: Joey and Chandler

“Check it out! We’re bracelet buddies!”

These two roommates have a deep-rooted bromance, and we are here for it! Despite experiencing ups and downs, the two friends always have each other’s back. Forgiveness drives a friendship, especially after Joey welcomes strangers in the apartment that stole their belongings. Or, Chandler kissing Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy. The duo couldn’t let differences get the best of them. Whether playing foosball or cups, watching Baywatch, playing with the chick and duck or having deep talks, Joey and Chandler embody the phrase “I’ll be there for you.”

Martin: Martin, Tommy and Cole

“Get the camera and take pictures of me and my two best man.”

Martin, Tommy and Cole are like The Three Stooges, that always find a way to crack jokes, make fun of each other and wind up in trouble. Their outlandish remarks and how they get under each other’s skin reassure that they are ideal friends for life. Tommy and Cole spend all their money on Martin’s wedding and have to move in with him and Gina. Let’s just say all hell breaks loose, and it’s hilarious. Despite how annoyed Martin may seem, he loves his pals and makes them both his “best man” because he cannot choose.

Sex and the City: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda

“Maybe we could be each other’s soulmates.”

This pack of gals is simply like no other. The core of their friendship is how open they are with each other. They are not afraid to not only say what’s on their mind but also disclose every intimate detail of their sex life with one another. These besties navigate the New York City dating world and learn a lot along the way. No matter what time of day it is, these ladies will drop anything if one of them needs a pick me up, good advice or a reassuring chat. Heartbreak, laughter, tears, expensive shoes and bad boyfriends; these women have been through it all.

Seinfeld: Jerry and George

“I love you, Jerry. Right back at you, slick.”

This brutally honest duo has been friends for years, perhaps the longest friendship either one has endured. The two who have no idea what the future holds, they undoubtedly lean on each other when in a relationship rut, give advice to get out of an agonizing situation and make sarcastic comments. Whether it’s writing a pilot or going on meaningless double dates, these friends need each other to fulfill the other’s deficit or lack of confidence. Their digs toward each other fuel their friendship.

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