Sergei Returns? – S1 E5 ‘Devs’ Recap & Review

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When cutting edge technology can pave the way for progress in more ways than one, he who holds the power can make choices that affect everyone. Join us every single week as we break down each episode of this phenomenal series. With plot discussion and character breakdowns and analysis, subscribe to the DEVS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST to stay up to date.

Kenton did not kill Jamie, but he is threatening to kill everyone he cares about if this is taken any further. Sergei and Lily’s initial meeting and intimate moment in bed is revealed through the projections. Forest approaches Katie after a lecture. Dev employees conduct a new study that brings a mouse back to life. Young Lily and her father appear for the first time in what looks like a projection being watched by Katie. Lily’s father dies, but the cause is unknown at this time. Lily is laying in the hospital at the end of this episode before Jamie comes in and sneaks her out of the window.

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