Selling Sunset S2 E5 – E8 Recap & After Show w/ Brett Oppenheim: It’s a nice day for a white wedding!

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Real Estate in Los Angeles can be cut throat and competitive, and Selling sunset shows us how much that statement is true. Join the SELLING SUNSET AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we break down the episodes, the drama, and even talk with the cast members! Subscribe and comment to stay in the know!
Mary and Christine have to work together for a showing even though Mary is still upset with Christine. They talk it out and learn that Christine is holding a grudge because Mary didn’t fully take her side when she was fighting with Chrishell from season 1.

Guy (real estate developer) meets Chrishell in the office and is upset it’s been 2 months without the house selling.

Heather has a conflict between business and personal life.

Maya is pregnant again!

Chrishell loses the listing that Larsa Pippen was interested in.

Heather tells Christine that Mary and Chrishell were questioning her relationship with Christian, suggesting Christine May have been the “other woman.”

Conflict remains between Mary and Christine.

Mary comes to the Oppenheim open house with a lost voice- denies having “another bachelorette party”- leaves group.

Chrishell tries to mediate group – triggers tension again with Chrishell and Christine.

Davina has one showing on high priced property – Jason’s not happy that she only has one showing with 4 weeks left.

Christine apologies to Mary and admits she’s feeling isolated.

Marys wedding day ends the season with a successful sale and beautiful wedding! The girls just slightly manage to keep their drama from ruining Mary and Romain’s special day.

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