Secrets Are Never Perfect – S1 E7 ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ After Show w/ Megan Stott

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Following Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon returns with more suburban catfighting and social commentary, returning as an executive producer and star. We’re here to break down every single incredible moment on the AFTERBUZZ TV LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE AFTER SHOW! We’ll have expert commentary, cultural insights, and even wild fan theories and predictions, so make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Episode Recap

We open this episode finding out that Izzy was in a relationship with her best friend April who publicly rejected her to avoid judgement from their friends. We’re brought back to present day during Christmastime and the baby trial starts. Elena confronts Mia at the trial about her past and threatens to tell Pearl that she’s not hers. When Mia tries to take that into her hands, it backfires and Pearl gets mad at her because she finds out they have more money than she knew about. After Lexi gets into Yale, Elena calls for a second holiday photoshoot. When Izzy refuses to abide by dress code, she runs off to April’s to make amends and also collect her old dolls for her next public social statement. Meanwhile, Bill finds out that Elena was tampering with a witness and doesn’t take it well. He also starts investigating what Elena was really doing in NYC. We see Elena cutting Izzy out of the family pictures, which Izzy later finds. Trip takes Pearl over to his house and Elena takes it upon herself to have a personal conversation with her. We don’t fully know what was said, but the episode ends with Pearl going home in tears and charging passed Mia with Elena giving her the most evil glare we’ve ever seen.

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