Sebastiano Pigazzi Talks The Brilliance Behind ‘We Are Who We Are’

There’s a new series on our radar called ‘We Are Who We Are.’ Check out what Sebastiano Pigazzi had to say about the limited series, and why it’s one of a kind. 

If you’re in need of a new drama to watch that isn’t afraid to go there by touching on important issues, then you have to check out HBO’s new limited series We Are Who We Are.

It was co-created and directed by Luca Guadagnino, the same man who brought you the masterpiece Call Me ByYour Name.

We Are Who We Are follows a group of teenagers living on an army base in Italy, as they go through the trials and tribulations of adolescence.

I talked with Sebastiano Pigazzi about being able to work on a show that’s defying the odds.

It’s a very in-depth look at life on a military base, which none of us really ever see; but it’s also dealing with issues that teenageers and parents face. The series has something for everyone, and it’s on a really deep level. Explained Pigazzi as he discussed why the series has been so successful since its debut.

Pigazzi plays Enrico, the bad boy of the group who loves to party, but there’s a deeper layer to Enrico that drew Pigazzi to his character.

“He’s a real person, he doesn’t have any fake masks. A lot of people put on different facades to adhere to societal norms. Enrico is the way he is in front of everyone. He doesn’t really change. I can appreciate that in a person, the realness.” said Pigazzi.

While watching the series you’ll find that the writing is superb and the characters relatable, this is all thanks to Luca Guadagnino. When Sebastiano found out Luca was a part of this project he jumped on the opportunity.

“I was a huge Luca fan before I worked with him so anything that Luca did I was going to be on board.” explained Pigazzi. “I remember reading the first articles that came out and knew this was going to be huge. When I got the chance to meet him, and when I got the part, it was a surreal and pinch me moment.”

The season finale airs Monday November 2nd. There is no word yet on a season 2 yet, but if the series is picked up again Pigazzi says he would definitely come back.

“I saw an interview where Luca said he would be down if his writers wrote something then he would love to do it. I would love to do it. It’s such a great story and a great cast.”

You can catch the finale of We Are Who We Are tonight at 10 p.m. PST on HBO

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