Season 3 Episode 5 ‘Harlots’ Review

Harlots has another death! Oh noooooooo.  @kittiekaboom & @lindaissogirlie break down this episode where Elizabeth’s old beau shows up to threaten and intimidate she & her son.  Emily comes to her senses after hearing Hal & Isaac talk about her behind her back and admits that she knows who the killer is. Margaret is hell bent on revenge, & convinces Nancy not to leave town.  Unfortunately, that means that she is in a position to confront Isaac, and when he pulls out his pistol, Nancy shoots first and kills him. Lydia threatens to tell the authorities that she knows Margaret is alive if Lucy does not sell back Golden Square to her & Jonas and William have a drink together to talk about Margaret’s fate.


Sex, love and war. Or in Margaret Wells case, sex and war. When her brothel business gets attacked by a rival, she risks everything to protect her business. On our HARLOTS AFTER SHOW we cover all the ins and outs from Margaret’s family and company to the war breaking out over London. If you have a special guest in mind you’d like to see on the after show, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!


In this drama set in 18th century London, Samantha Morton stars as Margaret Wells, a brothel owner and mother to two daughters, Charlotte and Lucy. When Margaret’s business is attacked by Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), a ruthless rival madam, a war breaks out over the city’s most profitable commercial activity — sex. Margaret is determined to fight back and protect her business, even if it puts everything else at risk, including her family. Creators Moira Buffini and Alison Newman also serve as executive producers.

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