Season 24 Episode 2 ‘The Bachelor’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Episode 2 came in VERY hot with Hannah here. Still. Yes, Hannah Brown is planting her windmill firmly in the ground, and shedding her glitter all of Peter, marking her territory. The girls were not thrilled about Hannah’s return, and Natasha made it known. Risky move to come out bull-headed, but fortunately, Peter made clear that he likes a “strong badass” woman. Speaking of strong women, or at least strong champagne, the battle of Kelsey vs. Hannah Ann has begun, and it’s becoming VERY clear that villains are slowly rearing their heads. Kelsey got a nice splash of champagne straight into her eye, and it was enough to tell Hannah Ann to “f**k off.” Hannah Ann did retain her composure to offer a, “I acknowledge your feelings.” The rest of the episode REVOLVED around a fashion joined by Janice Dickinson and Carson Kressley. Victoria F revealed herself to be very insecure in her personality, but VERY confident in her sexuality, strutting her stuff in lingerie but ultimately losing to…who else…but Hannah Ann. We ended with the battle of the bullies. Both Hannah Ann and Kelsey are claiming that the other is the true bully of Bachelor Nation, but we’ll just have to wait to find out!
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