Season 15 Episode 4 ‘The Bachelorette’ Review

2019s long-awaited Sequel to Oscar winner Kramer versus Kramer – Luke versus Luke – got
Lit. Also Kevin wears a cast from Old-Timey Europe. Also Jed tells us what we knew all along, he’s in it for the fame… But also for Hannah? Jeff Graham, Christine Alexis, Mike Theiling, and Renee Ariel, have all of your thoughts here on the bachelorette after show!

The Bachelorette After Show:

Which of the men will get the final rose? On THE BACHELORETTE AFTER SHOW we’ll fill you in on everything that happens on and off camera on the hit ABC series. Plus be bringing your favorite cast members our panel. Tune in for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes’ group dates, one on one dates, the squabbles and fights AND bonus off-season content like news updates happening in Bachelor nation.


Becca Kufrin believed she had found love with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on “The Bachelor,” but when the race car driver changed his mind and broke her heart so he could reunite with runner-up Lauren Burnham, the humble girl next door from Minnesota resolved not to let the heart-wrenching breakup hold her back. When the 27-year-old publicist isn’t making a splash at the boutique public relations agency where she works or planning her next overseas trip, she can be found at home hosting dinner parties for her friends. She hopes to find a man who shares her firm set of Midwest values and who is actually ready to commit to her on her terms.