Season 1 Episodes 4 -6 ‘Shrill’ Review

Was Lamar just a rebound? What’s up with the controversy of the pool party? Is Annie being selfish, and do people hunt their trolls IRL? Angele Taylor, Nikki Bailey, Yasmine Tanres and Janine Doyon dish all this and more about Season 1 episodes 4-6 of Hulu’s wild comedy, Shrill.

A big show deserves a big after show! Join us week to week as we discuss all the episodes of Hulu’s Shrill! Whether it’s dating, juggling a career, or family issues; we’re here for it with the SHRILL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Tune in weekly for special guests, news and gossip, insider topics, and plot and character breakdowns! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Shril!

Annie is a full-figured woman who wants to change her life — but not her body; she is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent and a perfectionist boss.

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