Season 1 Episodes 1-3 ‘Madoka Magica’ Review

‘Madoka Magica’ changed the magical girl genre by raising the stakes (you can DIE!), dark/eerie overtones and realistic modern day weapons (guns) all while being a super cute art style. Join host Kari Lane and Ollie Drennan with special guest Cristina Vee (the voice of Homera) as they dive into ep 1-3. What is with these “contracts”? Can you trust something really cute (Kyubey)? Is Homura a villain or just rough around the edges? Cristina also talked about how she originally was not cast in the show but stuck with it to bring this complex character to life.

Join hosts Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia, Jaimi Gray and Ollie Drennan as they review and discuss the dark magical girl show, “Madoka Magica”! There will be special voice actor guests almost every week, and plot discussion for days! Be sure to rate and subscribe to enjoy the anime breakdowns and stay up to date on all things Madoka Magica!

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