Scorpio Sky Shares If Women’s Wrestling Can Take the Top Spot

AEW Tag Team Champion, Scorpio Sky, thinks the women’s wrestling has made its way to main event level and it’s continued growth could spell trouble for AEW Women’s Champion, Riho.

Sky called in to AfterBuzz TV to chat with me recently about being one half of the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions, the Wednesday Night War, and AEW/WCW comparisons.

He started by saying which of the current AEW Champions may be the first to lose their title.

“This is not a knock against Riho, but I’m going to say Riho.” Sky said, “And that’s just because we have signed and brought in so many new women, that are so good. That, uh, that division is heating up.”

Sky continued by noting some of the stars AEW has brought on board recently such as Kristen Statdlander and Big Swole as examples.

“Riho, as tough as she is, uh, I think it’s going to get a little bit tougher for her to hold on to that, because there is so many more competitors coming into that division,” said Sky.

Regarding the overall progress of women’s wrestling all over the globe, and whether or not women’s wrestling might get to the top of all wrestling, Sky added, “I think in a lot of ways it already has. Uh, if you look at, uh, Ronda Rousey and what she did last year, and, and Wrestlemania main eventing with three women, uh and that’s just one company.”

He went on to list some of his favorite women wrestlers.

“I’m a huge Charlotte [Flair] fan, and I think, uh, guy or girl, she’s one of the best that works for that company [WWE],” said Sky, “and then if you have someone like Tessa Blanchard, who, uh, I’ve praised, uh, over the years, as, we’ve wrestled a couple times and I think also, male of female, she’s one of the best in the entire business.”

But have they taken that top spot? The All Elite Wrestler, as competitive as ever, wasn’t quite ready to hand it over just yet.

“I think, maybe it’s not taking over the top spot, because I think we’re still, um, competitive, as guys, but I think, uh, they’ve stepped up and are sharing that top spot, with the men,” compromised Sky.

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